Legal Timekeeping & Bookkeeping

Legal Timekeeping & Bookkeeping


Heffler has an in-house team of highly-qualified Certified Public Accountants and auditors who work with legal counsel early on in the process, serving as an independent third party in the compilation and reporting of time and expense to counsel and the courts.

What’s unique about Heffler’s service offering is we do more than simply provide counsel with time and expense reporting – we compile and audit, if needed, and provide you with  personalized service from experienced CPA’s who have the ability to apply critical analytics to the process and focus on issues before they arise.

  • Our convenient and secure client portal allows you to easily submit your time and expense for a particular matter from anywhere at any time online.
  • Unlike other administrators who offer just a software, Heffler provides you with a world- class team of team of CPAs, JDs, Forensic CPAs, MBAs, and information technology (IT) experts at your finger tips.
  • With Heffler as your partner, you can feel confident that CPAs will be working with you to ensure accuracy in the tracking and auditing of your time and expense reporting.
  • By engaging Heffler to handle your time and expense reporting, you avoid unnecessary conflicts with co-counsel.
  • Heffler works closely with the federal courts, which allows us to produce timely and efficient reports at the request of the courts and/or lead counsel.
  • Even with reporting irregularities and changing deadlines, at Heffler we are known for our
    timeliness in meeting the real-time demands of counsel and the courts.
  • Heffler provides different levels of service based on the particular needs of counsel.

If counsel or the courts request a more detailed review and/or audit of the various components of the information submitted, Heffler has the in-house expertise to provide the following services:

  • Review of any duplicate activity
  • Review of out of scope activity
  • Review of billing excessive hours per day/week
  • Review of the billing of hours to an incorrect case
  • Review of type of individual entering information for a given task
    (i.e. partner, staff member, paralegal, etc.)
  • Review of any unreasonable expenses or out of scope expenses